The Power of Grace Ministries

First Thursday's is a 1st Thursday of the month home church fellowship. Inspired from one of Dr. David and Robbye's live bible studies, one young couple prayerfully decided to open their home and invite the Jones' to come over and teach them about the gospel of Jesus Christ. A few friends were invited as well and this fellowship quickly became modeled after the First Church as found in the book of Acts. No stage, no lights, no amplified audio, no elaborate worship team, just simple folks coming together to learn and experience the power of fellowship around the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you live in the Houston metro area and want to experience the Word of God with the same power as the First Church and the Apostles did then contact our ministry for the next First Thursday's location.

The Power of Grace Ministries is a teaching ministry dedicated to helping believers grow beyond the confinements of religion and into a personal relationship with God through Jesus' perfect work on the cross. Dr. David Jones received his Doctor of Divinity from Kingsbury Bible College, and together he and Robbye teach the true understanding of God’s grace. Learning about grace through faith empowers the believer to live beyond just holding on to salvation and forgiveness of sins, and delivers them into a powerful child of God. Grace is not just another belief system within the religion of Christianity. And grace is not confined to just God’s forgiveness of man’s sins. Grace is God’s power living inside the life of a believer. Grace is a person and His name is Jesus.   

The Word of God is alive and has every answer man needs for this life. Dr. David & Robbye host a bible study every Tuesday evening at 8PM Central Time. This bible study is free and open to the community. If you live in the Houston, TX area stop by and join us. Can't make it to the bible teaching;  you can join us online through our GoToMeeting link or call in. Details and actual link on our Bible Study Page.

We are also recording these bible studies for anyone who wants to learn on their own time which are also listed on the bible Teaching Page

These devotionals come directly from thirty plus years of Dr. Jones' personal study notes. In these verse by verse notes. Dr. Jones uses his depth of understanding of the Hebrew and Greek languages, coupled with his knowledge of the lifestyles in the days of Jesus and the Apostle Paul, to bring greater depth of understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's all about Jesus' perfect work on the cross and not our personal religious efforts.

The Power of Grace Ministries seminars speak to your soul. Often breaking the bondage of religion, Dr. Jones' seminars enhance everyone's understanding of who they are in Christ Jesus.  In his seminars many people become healed. People are empowered to become ambassadors for Jesus Christ in their everyday lives. And many people become set free from spiritual abuse caused by misunderstanding the difference between religion and relationship with God.