The Power of Grace Ministries

The Power of Grace Ministries seminars provide a venue for believers to invite their friends and family members who might not visit a church.  When they come they will hear of the love of God and the power of God's grace which is available to us in our everyday lives.

Below are More Topics from David
Listen to Recorded Live Bible Studies

Do you want to learn the Word of God, but cannot find a bible study to go to that is convenient for your schedule. Click here to listen to David's live group bible studies.

David delivers a simplicity of understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hear story after story of lives set free from bondage and guilt of failure at maintaining the religious requirements often caused by misunderstandings of the Word of God. Through his teachings those who attend leave not with a freedom to throw care or concern to the wind, but empowered to live their lives in Christ Jesus to the fullest.  Here you will find a collection of topics from some of our, Power of Grace in Everyday Living seminars. You are free to download them to listen in your iPhone's and Smartphones. They are also available in CD's format, for a small donation to cover production and shipping costs if you want to listen to them in your vehicles while traveling.