The Power of Grace Ministries

January 19

As Christians we are called to go through this life without complaining, disputing, blameless, and harmless while living in a perverse generation. This is impossible without the Holy Spirit leading in our lives.

Philippians 2:14-15
“14 Do all things without complaining and disputing, 15 that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.”

 Our human nature seems to be one of natural murmuring. We are more likely to expect something to go wrong than to expect a blessing.  We read in Exodus that the children of Israel complained against Moses and ultimately against God that they didn’t have water or food.  Even though they had witnessed the Hand of God deliver them out of 400 plus years of hard slavery.  They watched God cover the Pharaohs army with the Red Sea for their protection, saw how God turned bitter water into sweet, brought water from a rock, had manna from heaven given to them every day for food, and yet they were always complaining at having to take the next step or fearful at not having enough.  At one point they stated that they would have rather died back under the hand of Pharaoh next to the meat pots than to be brought out to the Wilderness and be left to die with hunger, and yet they forgot that next to those meat pots is where they cried out to God for their deliverance from slavery.  God’s desire is to bless all of His children, but as soon at the blessing does not come when or how we want it we began to expect the worse.  We just read that it is God that works in us both the will and to do for His good pleasure.  It pleases God to do for us and yet we complain at the next task asked of us.  Paul is encouraging the Philippians and us to follow the lead of Jesus.  We read just six verses earlier that Jesus willingly came to the cross for us, not kicking and screaming like the rest of us would have.  Jesus was willing and His willingness is what paved the way for God’s blessing and exalting Him.  Our willingness is the same thing that opens the door for God’s power in our lives as well.  

This willingness goes beyond just following God’s spiritual leading and verses 14 & 15 are the proof.  Verse 14 says to do ALL things without complaining, even when the teacher says to do the next task, or your boss says to do something not quite in the job description.  Even if the pastor asks you to take out the trash bin if he sees it full just before church starts.  Is your first thought, the church pays for a cleaning service why do I have to take it out?  We need to be thinking along the lines of this does not look good for OUR church and be glad the pastor saw it and asked you to help him in presenting the best for God to the people coming to seek God. Everyone working for a company is looking for a raise or a bonus from that company and God can bless you through the company you work for providing you are not shooting yourself in the foot in front of your boss with a murmuring attitude.  What about the driver on the road that appears to be angry and agitated at other drivers on the road and when they drive pass you they see a fish emblem on the back of the car telling the world, “see me I am a Christian”.  How is your daily attitude of life in general?  When someone greets you with the “how are you doing today” phrase, is your answer sometimes “not worth a hoot”? 

We are called children of God and as children, like it or not, our actions represent God to the world.  If we read that God’s will is to bless us and provide for us so that His light will shine through us, we need to provide a pleasant and willing vessel for Him to work with.  God is not mocked and will not show His power strong in the life of a person that murmurs so that He will get negative attention. 

Notice that Paul says “you shine as lights in the world”.  God’s desire is for your light to shine and He will add His power to your life providing you give Him a willing vessel to work through.