The Power of Grace Ministries

February 16

Meditate on this. Jesus was not perfected through His sufferings, but His perfect sufferings have perfected us. It is paramount that we understand how perfect Jesus was and as Christians we have that same perfect spirit in us.

Hebrews 2:10-13
10 For it was fitting for Him, for whom are all things and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings. 11 For both He who sanctifies and those who are being sanctified are all of one, for which reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren, 12 saying: "I will declare Your name to My brethren; In the midst of the assembly I will sing praise to You." 13 And again: "I will put My trust in Him." And again: "Here am I and the children whom God has given Me.


                Many people think this verse, which there is no other verse like it, is saying that Jesus was only perfected through His sufferings. These same “Works Masters” also use this verse to say that we are only made perfect through our personal sufferings just like Jesus was. Both of these statements are lies from the Devil and if believed will keep a person from walking by sight instead of faith, 2 Corinthians 5:7. It is crazy to think Jesus was made perfect through sufferings since He was God at birth John 1:1-3, 14 & 1 Tim 3:16. He did have to go through sufferings and even the suffering on the cross to be made perfect while on earth, but His sufferings were for our benefit so that we “do not” have to go through the same sufferings. We sometimes forget that Jesus was perfect in spirit while here on earth, and His perfect spirit is the same perfect spirit that born again believers have, Galatians 4:6. God is Spirit and therefore sees things spiritual which is why He sees Jesus now in believers instead of their original fallen sin spirit. Just for clarification; there is no way we have both the Son spirit and our fallen spirit both, and are left to fight out or overcome our old spirit. Darkness can have no place with light!

                It is paramount that we understand and believe that Jesus was perfect, and that we, “Christians” have His perfect Spirit.  Verse 11 is just one proof that we have the Spirit of Jesus and not two spirits because it declares us to be “one” with Him. The other fact in verse 11 is that since Christians are now “one” with Jesus we no longer are required to go through any sufferings because if we were required to go through additional sufferings here on earth than we would be taking Jesus through those same sufferings with us. Jesus has finished His work and now sits at the right hand of God, Hebrews 10:12. He is not going through additional sufferings since He made the one sacrifice for all time with His own blood and since we are under the covering of His blood we are not required to suffer either. When Christians believe they have to go through sufferings and personally fulfill the requirements of the Old Testament or even worse follow all of man’s made up rules in effort to be righteous before God, is the same as saying Jesus’ blood was not good enough for them. A Christian believing they too must suffer here on earth are trying to mix their personal blood, “sacrifices’ and sufferings”, with the perfect blood of Jesus. Their actions are actually polluting the blood of Jesus. Because we are one with Jesus He is not ashamed to call us brethren. This acclimation is our born again birth right Galatians 4:6-7. Because we are one with Jesus and because God is Spirit and only sees in the spirit He sees Jesus in us and not the sins we have committed. God claimed that He will remember our sins no more as the writer of Hebrews wrote in Hebrews 10:17. In fact Hebrews 10:17 is not a new statement, but rather a restatement of prophesy of the “New Covenant” God will have with believers, and comes from Jeremiah 31:34. This is an awesome truth that Christians have difficulty grasping, but the fact is God wants to relate to us as His sons, as He does with Jesus. It is only our own unbelief that prevents this relationship, not our sins. Actually our personal works for righteousness actually get in the way of our walking by faith and living in the power of being a child of God. 

                Verse 12 is a direct Quote from Psalms 22:22 which is the foundation and proof of verse 11. This verse is actually an Old Testament verse telling us that Jesus is declaring God to His brethren. Verse 13 is a reference from Isaiah 8:17-18.