The Power of Grace Ministries

As you can see we are adventurists at heart and when God called us out of our home church and into the fivefold ministry we found ourselves on several adventures. In hind sight we can see how God has used each path to bring us to where we are today. This concept is one of the many truths we hope to instill during The Power of Grace Ministries seminars. Where you are today is not where you were when you started, and it is not where you will be when your walk here is completed - it's a journey full of personal decisions and Godly course corrections.

We are not here to draw people to ourselves, but to encourage and strengthen people in their personal walk with Jesus Christ right where they are. We appreciate and honor pastors, knowing they are spending countless hours praying, studying, counseling, and encouraging their church members.  The Power of Grace Ministries seminars on Everyday Living  are designed to actually partner with pastors to strengthen their congregations.  By holding two and three day seminars that do not conflict with typical church service times, people can come and be engulfed in the Word of God, strengthened in their faith and understanding, and then return back to their churches with greater power to serve where they are planted.

The Power of Grace Ministries seminars provide a venue for believers to invite their friends and family members who might not visit a church.  When they come they will hear of the love of God and the power of God's grace which is available to us in our everyday lives. All types of people from many different denominations come to our seminars. Some come seeking relief from some form of spiritual, emotional, or physical abuse, but many come who are simply seeking a deeper understanding of this precious gift of salvation. Through our teaching many realize that not only is God not mad at them, but He actually wants to have a personal relationship with them right where they are. We see people receive physical healing, emotional healing, torn marriages strengthened, addictions broken, families reunited, and  most of all people walk away with a deeper understanding of their personal relationship with God through Jesus' perfect work on the cross.

We welcome invitations from pastors seeking additional encouragement and training for their congregation. As presiding President / Bishop over Church & Ministerial Alliance International, Dr. Jones' heart is about strengthening churches and their members in all denominations for the turbulent times that lie ahead of the church. Dr. Jones has written books to help people overcome spiritual abuse, understand the person and place of the Holy Spirit in a believers life, and bible studies on various books in the New Testament. These bible studies include actual verse by verse notes from years of Dr. Jones' personal study. With his ever growing knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek languages these bible studies bring a deeper insight to the truths within the verses. Through CMAI, many of Dr. Jones' bible study materials  are currently being used to train up pastors in foreign countries and his teachings can also be found in Kingsbury Bible College which is an accredited online bible college.  

Dr. David & Robbye Jones look forward to hearing from you and even more so meeting you in person. If you have doubts of not measuring up to the religious standards and wonder if God is mad at you we understand. We lived under the harshness of religion and unintentional spiritual abuse in the early years of our Christian walk until Dr. Jones began to see the truth about the difference between having a relationship with God versus being in a religion about God. We know the pain of loss one feels if they chose to leave a church for whatever reason, but we encourage people to never leave Jesus. The church is what Jesus gave His life for and our desire is help you strengthen your personal relationship with God through a deeper understanding of the shed blood of Jesus. Life is not about grievous actions and lamenting over religious doctrines in effort to gain access to God; Jesus's death on the cross tore that veil into. Walking with Jesus Christ is about learning how to live life to the fullest as a child of God, while allowing Him to gently mold you into the best person you can be. That is why we call the gospel, The Power of Grace ™, and have dedicated our lives to share this wonderful truth which Jesus taught, and Paul and the Apostles continued to teach.

In His service,

Dr. David & Robbye Jones


Here is a recent teaching from one of David's seminars that we wanted to share with you He Wins